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Producta Team

I am greatly honored to offer a few words of welcome on behalf of the entire PRODUCTA Team and would like to thank you for visiting our newly designed website.

Our success story began over 25 years ago, with the declaration of the Republic of Croatia’s independence. At this time, we as pioneers in our profession carved out the first intellectual property standards in our recently established country and have thusly paved the way for the implementation of all forms of these IP standards into a modern IP system such as those existing in the most developed countries of the world. Even though many obstacles were faced on this road, these obstacles were overcome with enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism and with the crucial help of our valued clients, who gave us their trust – and we hope to have justified this trust – of which we are exceptionally proud.

And in the imminent future, I believe that we will have the knowledge, as we did 25 years ago, to recognize the proper direction to progress and prosperity by investing in new knowledge and skills, and will continue to be leaders in the development of the IP profession in this region. I am certain that we can only succeed with the full support of our clients and partners, whose interests were always our top priority, and will certainly continue to be in the future.

We hope that you will join us on this road. Together we will only be stronger, giving us the chance to achieve the results we have always strived for – to be among the best.

Davor Bošković, B.Sc. M.E.
European Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney
Founder of PRODUCTA