Comprehensive search and careful analysis of the results before filing a new application for a desired subject of an intellectual property protection (patents, designs, trademarks) is an essential first step to obtaining a registration quickly and proficiently.

Trademark, patent, and design searches are indispensable for preventing potential infringements, observing competitor’s activities and blocking the grant of rights or invalidating the granted rights of others.

Our search division consists of specialists who are expert in effective use of different types of databases, and who work on document searches with the help of latest technology and techniques to conduct manual, database (including our Computer Monitoring System), and Internet searches. They are also responsible for monitoring the progress of applications and proceedings according to the interests of our clients. Consequently, we suggest to our clients, the IP strategies that take into consideration both legal requirements and our client’s marketing and sales interests.

We can conduct different types of searches

Before the final report, search results are analyzed by experts in the related fields (depending on the search request) and legal specialists which, based on the search results, render their legal opinion on the optimal utilization of the final search results.