Considering that we are exclusively dedicated to services which are connected with the intellectual property protection, our office can provide you with a full range of services for protection of an invention. Below only some of them are mentioned:

  1. Filing, translation and prosecution of a patent application before the Croatian Patent Office and before the International Bureau (PCT applications).

  2. On-line legal status checks.

  3. All kinds of searches.

  4. Execution of opinions regarding patentibility and comerciability of an invention.

  5. Execution of opinions regarding the infringement of rights.

  6. Representation in litigations.

  7. License negotiations and license agreement preparations and settlements.

  8. Oppositions, cancellation procedures and procedures regarding the request for the declaration of nullity of a patent.

For Croatia, we offer to our clients the optimization of costs connected with obtaining of the protection of an invention.

The main news in the Croatian Patent Law, which was taken into force on January 1, 2004, is the implementation of the EPO extension agreement. To validate an EPO patent in Croatia, it will be necessary to provide an EP B1 document, and the translation thereof , and a duly signed power of attorney (which can be downloaded by clicking on the link) as well.