Structural and Investment Funds approved the co-financing of our project regarding the development of a new system for monitoring the process of intellectual property protection

It is our pleasure to announce that our project “Informational System for Monitoring the Process of Intellectual Property Protection (IPPS)” has been approved for co-financing by Structural and Investment Funds.

Basic information regarding the project:

PROJECT TITLE: Informational System for Monitoring the Process of Intellectual Property Protection

Project coordinator: PRODUCTA Ltd.

Project code: RC.2.1.11-0167

Project value: 641.775,00 HRK

EU grants for realization: 416.064,77 HRK

Implementation period: April 2014 – June 2015

A complete advancement of ICT infrastructure has been envisaged with this project, which has been divided into two phases, the first being improvement of computer and network equipment, which has been fully executed by replacing existing workstations and introducing a centralized computer server. The advancement of software infrastructure has been implemented in the second phase, which is in accordance with the existing business model, using an online interface and redundancy storage and data maintenance mechanisms. The digitalization of a large portion of archived documents has been envisaged with this project, which has resulted in the reduction of paper consumption and thus, contributes to sustainable development. A system for monitoring and comparing our clients’ trademarks has also been realized with this project, which helps in improving supervision of our clients’ rights and therefore, higher productivity during the monitoring process.

The development and implementation of the aforementioned new system would not be possible without the support of the European Union (EU), which has co-financed the project from the European Regional Development Fund, which is within the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program.

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